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Programmer, Snowboarder

Apologies for the late entry, I too had a few technical difficulties. My name is Zach Snow, and I am a senior computer science major. I will be graduating at the end of this semester, and hopefully attending graduate school next fall. I also work on two different projects in the department. One of these projects, called Sharescape, seems to be related to this class. The project aims at creating an online community centered on tagging locations (depicted on a Google map) with useful information. I am also an avid snowboarder, and I like to build things out of wood (though I wouldn’t claim to be a carpenter). I also always put periods at the end of sentences, regardless of quotation marks or parentheses, because it seems more logical.

I can’t remember exactly when I got my first computer, but I remember it was an IBM 486, running Windows for Workgroups 3.11. However, I spent most of my time on the machine playing with the QBASIC interpreted it had. I also played a few games, and even tried my hand at writing one or two.

I first connected to the internet using Prodigy with a 9600 baud modem, however it was a very solitary experience: I didn’t enjoy chatting with strangers, and I had no friends with internet connections.

Most of my opinions on “the web? and Web 2.0 have been form in a vacuum, with very little discussion with others. Therefore I am excited to gain new perspectives on the efficacy of Web 2.0. I certainly agree that interactive websites have certainly become major players in our culture. And I agree that that Web 2.0 has “generally transformed user experiences online?, though I am unsure whether this has been a good thing. Oftentimes it seems that certain Web 2.0 technologies and tools are overused, with website designers adding interactive technologies when the site is really only intended to be informational. In my opinion this often detracts from the information quality and ease of access.

And for the survey:

Programming Languages

Which of the following programming languages have you exposure to?

Basic or variants
I have had no exposure to programming languages


Zach, it's interesting that you talk about the overuse of technologies. I think in the late 90's, the Internet was being filled with bells and whistles, that did not do anything, but were just there. This included java, flash and other applications that were cutting edge, but were either incompatible or a hassle for the user to work through. In Web 2.0, we have now started this again. Do we really need a google search bar with related ads at the bottom of every site? Especially when the search bar is built into almost every browser made.