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Some folks still write on paper...

Hi everyone. If the lateness of this post could be any more telling about my internet habits I'd be set. My name is Andrew Ranallo and I'm a senior at the U majoring in English and American Indian Studies (mainly in the study and revitalization program for the Ojibwe Language).
I definately have a long history with computers and the internet but interestingly my understanding of some of the new concepts plateaued along with my interest in the new features of technology. I remember the black floppys with pen written titles, and putting them in my apple gave me nothing but some kind of prompt. When I was a young roustabout I would work at it until I got those games to work. Usually they were the kind where you say things like "Go East" and then it would respond with "You see a hermit with a cat." and you would say "Take Cat." and it would say "You cannot take Cat." and that's when I would usually shut it off.
Then my Mom, a few years later got an ISP called WOW and we'd collect URLs in an envelope becasue we looked at them like strange codes that would only work if entered perfectly. This was before Google even entered the webosphere. So I'd clip URL's from magazines and I distinctly remember how slowly but surely I started to see more and more of them, and began to realize that many variables could go between "www." and ".com" and my big envelope of URLs was kind of pointless.
Moving on, to me Web 2.0 does seem like a simple buzzword made to alienate those without high-speed internet and perhaps boost internet investments and capital. Perhaps define the digital divide a little more clearly. "What, you don't have DSL? Whaaaat? You don't use wikipedia?" I don't mean to sound sure, because, as much as it seems this way to me, when a term is applied, and then used by the general population with a definite (albeit broad) definition in mind, how can it'svalidity or existence be questioned? I think vast improvements have come across the electronic world we spend so much of our waking time in though along with everything that makes our time easier and more secure comes something like this http://secondlife.com/ that makes me question the goal of advancing technologies, and more importantly, the real outcome, intended or not.

 Oregon Trail Memories  

As I saw Oregon Trail mentioned in many other posts, I thought this would be fitting. What was your favorite default character name in Oregon Trail?

Zeke (my favorite)

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