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stepping foot into my SECOND LIFE

In the past, I actually used a ‘disguised name’ other than my screen name. I first used AOL and met quite a number of people there. Everyone knew me as that disguised name, or ‘pseudonym’ but it was the fact that I was also fourteen-fifteen years old and felt like I should not give too much information out. Now, I use blogs where I don’t worry as much with my identity although I usually put my blogs on private for friends only. I don’t think I’ve had any real big issues with identity online before because I’ve always kept most of the information secured. Other than using aim to chat and blogs, I’ve never actually experienced using avatars before.

Second Life is something completely new to me! I think it is very intriguing and a great invention. It’s amazing the things you are able to do from creating your own image, building your own space to however you wished, becoming your own business owner, and meeting new people from all over the world. I actually created an account myself to see how it really works although it is a little more complicated than I imagined. This is truly a new way of meeting people online, by building your own avatars where “each person dreams up his own avatar. A control panel allows you to adjust your avatar's body, including eye color, cheek thickness, pant length, and girth. You can make it resemble your real self, or someone - or something - else.? (Kirkpatrick, David) There is even talk of voice conversation coming which adds to the whole package! It’s amazing what technology can offer us today and I believe it will only continue to surprise us.

There are different reasons to use Second Life as David Kirkpatrick states, “In the case of IBM, it's not just a matter of touting the wonders of Second Life; it's really using it - both as a business opportunity and as an internal tool.?


I noticed you stated your initial experience with "disguised names" was with aol instant messanger. I believe it's a common trend among people of our generation is it not?

It was also my first time using the Second Life interface, I never heard about it or used it before this class. I didn't create a character on it yet but I heard it's a little difficult like you have said. I believe that this new type of 3D user interface technology will be standard in the years to come. Like it said in the Kirkpatrick article about how the interent got started with just text and writing eachother and talking to eachother in chat rooms, now there's places where you can create your own person and explore a 3D world and interact with it.

In regard to you using a disquised name on AOL instant messaging. I don't think disquising ourselves online is unusual or is generational. I think our readings gave many individual examples (too many to site here) of how people of different generations disquised their online identities.