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This is like BBS

Good evening. My name is Ruoyu and it's my first time entering into a blog. I feel it's similar to BBS, like when you post a question. If I'm not using the right word, I beg your pardon.

I'm a 4th year student on physiology major, but am currently considering another track; yes, it doesn't make any sense, I don't deny. For the past 2 years I have been taking classes that I don't want to take, just because my parent hopes that I can study some medical science related major. I'm from a culture where traditional people fulfills their parents wishes -- they become what their parents hope them to become. So I thought I was only to study physiology, but I was wrong.

I'm taking this class because it seems interesting, as I'm thinking of taking rhetoric as one of my concentrating areas. It may not last long though -- it may change tomorrow. I'm a fairly inside person. I don't really go out, in fact I hate summer. What I enjoy doing the most now is probably to do anything on the computer, and to play my piano.

To this web 2.0, I'm one of those who thought it's a new technology. Well was that a beautiful misunderstanding... I'd like to see this replaces the desktop operating platform.

I was also introduced to computers by games, like most of you. When I was back in my country, some of my "rich" friends has started playing computer games while I thought Sega Saturn was the best creature in the universe. Until I was introduced to C&C Red Alert, that's when everything changed...I don't know much about computers, really. I have never formally taken any computer courses (except 1 semester of Visual Basic which was pretty much of a joke), all I know is just basic assembling, installing OS, and solve problems myself.

That's pretty much what I have to say. If I don't end up out of this class tomorrow afternoon, (please don't ask me why) I hope to have a great semester with you.


Welcome to the course!

When I was working in the Med School this past summer, I met a lot of brilliant Asian doctors who were only doctors because their parents wanted them to be. So I have a tiny inkling about your situation.

If you're interested in the Rhetoric, Scientific & Technical program, you might be able to combine both your parents wishes and your own interests. A writer who understands science and practical aspects of technology is a pearl of great price. Feel free to come talk to me about this if you like.

PS - Don't forget to post your survey in order to get full credit. You can go in and edit this entry to add it.

Hello Ruoyu: My dad received his undergrad degree in geology, because at the time petroleum geology was the 'next hot thing'--and because his mom thought it was a good idea. (This was in the early 1950s.) He suffered (and suffered) through that degree, but discovered that business was his true calling, and received his master's degree ina little over a year's time.

You'll find what you need to do, but a science background in this day and age is a good thing indeed.

Glad to meet you!