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Username: vote4me2008

This was on the radio this morning, and it seems to relate to our discussion of online identity. I think it's interesting that the 2008 presidential candidates are not only using the web to tailor their messages (perceived identity) to appeal to certain groups of people, but that being seen as a web-savvy candidate is a bonus. I'm curious what you all think about this approach-- do you pay attention to internet campaigning, or does it seem like more of an advertising gimmick than regular televised speeches would?


I thinks it's really valuable. I think that the mainstream news media has too much control over which candidates get exposure. Over the past few years, I think people turned to the net because the news channels let us all down.

I think this is a pretty effective method. Many people spend more of their time in front of a computer or browsing the internet opposed to sitting in front of a TV or listening to the radio. The internet has become such a great tool for advertising. So I could see how being web-saavy would be an advantage in the presidential campaign race.