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A matter of privacy

I haven't really had to deal with any privacy issues with Facebook. I take into account that whenever there's a picture or comment that I add to my wall or other people's walls, that it will be displayed for everyone to see. Because of that, I don't put things on there that would illicit problems. I know that I am accountable for the things that I put on there and I also know that when I enter the job field that I will either privatize my profile or I will completely get rid of it. I don't think that the school needs to concern themselves with my Facebook pages. I have, however, been put off by the News Feed feature that has recently been added to Facebook. I do see that as an issue of privacy, but more so just as a general concept. Once again, I'm not worried about what information about me gets put on News Feed because I try to stay away from things that would cast me into a bad light. I personally just don't like the idea of having other people see what I have posted on other people's walls and who I've added as a friend and who I didn't. I don't think that it's anyone's business and I don't think that other people really care, but like I've stated before it's more about the general concept that makes me uneasy. However, I think that it was great that 700,000 protesters brought up such a fuss about it because online networking companies cannot just overstep other people's privacy without consulting them.

I think that Corness University is doing the right thing in not monitoring the content of Facebook because then people would need to be accountable for the things that they say and learn to deal with the consequences of their posting and pictures. I don't think that it's necessarily the University's job in monitoring "adults" comments. I think that there should be a disclaimer or some sort of notification for students that if they see some sort of illegal behavior in pictures or postings that could cause harm to the person or others that they could call a contact number to report it.