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Facebook to me is the greatest social tool to be created to this date. My first experience with a completely open online community was with facebook 3 years ago. Since, I have created a social group that consists of far more people than anyone could possibly keep track of. I think of last weeks article on how we define our so called "friends" in our online communities. I would go as far to say that half of my "friends" are only minor acquiantances. However, Facebook allows me the oppurtunity to network with people I would have otherwise not have reached.

I remember the News Feed situation that Schneier's article alludes to. I was very alarmed by the idea that all of my information was being shared to not only my friends but to social acquiantances that I had made. What upset me about the news feed was exactly what Schneier stated; the lack of control I had over my information. Most users would have chosen to use the news feed if just given the option. However, if your not given that option you feel your privacy is being violated which from a humanistic stand point it is. Now the news feed allows us to delete feeds or not allow others to see the feed which gives the user control of his/her profile.

I only allow designated friends of mine to view my profile and from there I limit certain users from viewing pictures or other personal information of mine. My personal privacy at this time I admit is very liberal. I don't try to be very political in my posts or raise other issues that may be controversial just because I know not everyone feels the way I do. I feel that me being a less active user than that of others keeps me private.

Schools should regulate facebook in a way that correlates to their recommendations. The U of M's policy is very open that it basicly says to not be stupid and post things that will make you look like a criminal. Cornell's is more in depth in its explanation of why they are implementing their policy. Both schools seem to have the best intentions for students in mind by reminding them that now is the time where we are young and stupid and that maybe we don't want to be recorded forever that way in history.

Facebooks responsibilty to me is what seperates itself from other social networking sites. The ability to control my privacy and to be a social community builder relating to reality. The success of facebook relies on the users to be able to participate in activities and social events. These events are what builds and creates true friendships.


I don't understand why the Univserity has to have control over Facebook. Before Facebook, the University didn't have any problems with MySpace which along with Facebook was a on line social network that did not have anything to do with school. I feel as though the University is trying to control too much of our lives. I do understand that everyone is resposible for what they put up on their pages, but for the University to try to regulate Facebook, I think it is just uncalled for.