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FaceBook and the Presidential Race

Jill Walker at jill/txt points out that John Edwards, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton all have FaceBook profiles. The comments on Jill’s post are brief but interesting: there’s some pondering about whether or not this is an effective use of FaceBook and whether or not it actually reaches voters. What do you smart people think?


And, because I wouldn’t ask any of you to do something I wouldn’t do myself, I now have a FaceBook profile. Just in case you wondered.


I'm not sure this tactic reaches new voters so much as it energizes current supporters. Which is certainly helpful to a candidate, but might give a false impression that people are actually being won over as they add themselves to the list of supporters. I couldn't find any Republican presidential candidate profiles... What does this mean, I wonder?

There's a tiny part of me that finds it annoying the same way it's annoying to enter a bathroom stall and find an advertisement or "informational" flyer. Is it really appropriate to use each of life's available surfaces to advertise something (or someone)?