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FACEBOOK. Oh you gotta love it?

So, the real reason I joined the facebook was out of pure innocent. I had no idea what sort of power this thing had. My friend’s roommate explained to me that the facebook was something “you can use to see who is going to be in your class and get notes from them and stuff.? Yea right, I have not used that since I edited my privacy options to not listing my classes anymore.

Facebook today is not what I had initially thought, it is a social tool that can be used in a variety of ways, whether for research on a person, stalking, posting pictures, adding notes, or “poking? your friends, it is its own community. Today a few friends of mine refer to it strictly as the Creepbook. I know last year, a girl I am friends with had to erase her facebook account because the workers at her dorm were constantly harassing her through the facebook. Now she has set it up so that only she can “invite? people to see her profile.

Personally I have recently changed my profile so that only my friends can see my “whole? profile. I used to be against it, letting my whole U of M network view it, but not with many employers and alumni with U of M e-mail accounts, as well as teachers, I believe if they are interested in my interests, they should try to get to know me first rather than just stalking. All in all, I feel that the facebook, for the time being, is fun, but I know I will eventually have to erase my profile, all good (digital) things do eventually come to an end.