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Facebook...the Evil of the World.

I’ve been on the facebook for three years. I started on it in 2004. A lot of my experiences with facebook involve both benevolent uses and malevolent uses as well. On facebook I’ve stayed in touch with old friends, contacted them, and traded pictures. I also made my relationship with my girlfriend “facebook official.? However, facebook has been used for slander as well. I’ve been threatened by a person on facebook before, and I’ve seen people hounded by facebook groups as well.

Due to malevolent uses of the facebook, I have censored by profile a bit. I keep crazy pictures off of it; I do not give out my phone number, and I almost never leave wall posts. This is mostly because I do not want employers to see it, or the University of Minnesota. This is because, “Pictures or other evidence of illegal behavior, such as underage drinking, could put you at risk for legal consequences, including violations of the Student Conduct Code and Housing and Residential Life policies (The University of Minnesota, Student Code of Conduct).? Also, stated in Bruce Schnieder’s article; “Facebook members are just fooling themselves if they think they can control information they give to third parties.? Due to both of these factors, I think the only one responsible for what people know about one is YOU. As far as facebook is concerned, if one does not want others to know something about oneself, then do not post personal information on the internet. This is because once one posts upon the internet, their post can be queried, and searched for. Likewise, when one posts upon the internet, one volunteers thier information. Consequently, facebook has no responsibility to keep posted information secret. This is because the facebooker has already volunteered their information to the facebook and its wider community.


I also pulled out the Schneider arguement that states individuals are volunteering their information to these third party online communities. You followed up by stating: "Likewise, when one posts upon the internet, one volunteers thier information." I agree. Again, Facebook is a third party and we have the option to participate in such communities. I am responsible to the information I post and follow your personal restriction of posting on other's walls.

Great job on your post!

I agree. I think its funny how nowadays people are not dating until it is official on Facebook. To fool around I changed my girlfriend (of 5 yrs) and my relationship status to an open relationship and all of my friends freaked out. They were so worried we were having problems. It just goes to show how powerful a hold Facebook has on us. I agree that Minnesota's policies on Facebook are open however, I don't believe it should be up to the University to control people's actions. Nice work.

facebook devalues joy of face to face, real communication and it is the root of social mistrust among potentially fragile youngsters. It has gone too far. Stalking people's mindpath and assuming the worse must be stopped. Not to mention, dehumanizing ourselves by creating virtual identities that are confusing and false.

Say hello to reality.