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Go Facebook!!!!oh no they can see me!!!!

Once I finally joined the Facebook brigade I found it quite fun and interesting. I hoenstly originally joined becuse my good friend who is completely obsessed with facebook told me to set up a profile because it is a good way to meet some girls. I had just broken up at the time, so I figured that I could justify joining for this reason. I think I sat at my computer for at least 4 hours setting up my page and basically marketing yourself to be appealing. Then I just sat there and searched and flipped through all the options you had, and could "control" your privacy. Facebook is definitely the premier avenue, if you don't like the sensory overload that myspace has, to stay connected in college. When I would meet new people in my classes here at the U, we would chat for a bit then part ways to our next class but not before we got each others names and said "Hey hit me up on facebook!" Its just apart of my college life now. It is super fun finding and reaquainting yourself with old friends from a past job or even a girl you used to date just to see what they are up to. Facebook has made this so easy, you can basically bypass alot of small talk if or when you see the person live because you have already gathered almost all the relevant small time information you would normaly talk about because of facebook.
With reagards to the privacy issue, especially the mini- newsfeed of facebook, I don't believe we really have any control. I did think the mini-feed was somewhat overkill when first introduced, but facebook does give you some decent privacy options for who sees you and what specific information you want shared. If you do a search for me on facebook, my name will not be found just because that is how I set my privacy options. You can only find me through someone who is already friends with me, and you cna only see my information or pictures if you are friends with me. I do not believe that schools should institute any guidelines (at least college level) on facebook use. Once again the information that students provide could be quite advantagous to universities. We are adults and need to be responsible for what we post about ourselves. Look at the example from the Cornell article about the young man who went to an interview and was turned down because someone in HR had seen his post. The rest of the Cornell article tells us that it is our responsibility to how we market ourselves and what we post and since we have other internet sources that cache information. Since we know that internet institutions have this ability we can or cannot put ourselves at risk on the information highway by what we do post or discuss on the internet. The "Big Brother" syndrome should always be in the back of our minds, and its not going to go away anytime soon.

I do believe that facebook has a responsibility to respect our privacy, or at least the facevalue of it. Maybe they are trafficing our personal information around to others, but honestly just keep it in the dark. I have a friend who is a programmer connected with the government and its scary what they can access at anytime they want, and they will without your consent. This might sound like im just being weak and not wanting to step up and fight for privacy, but remember what Schneier said, "But we all need to remember that much of that control is illusory." I believe this to be quite true and should be somewhere in the thoughts of everyone who uses the internet.


I feel as though we are on the same page when it comes to privacy issues on the internet. I, myself keep my page very secure because of different personal issues but I think it is something that more people should do. I do find it frusterating sometimes though when you want to look for someone on Facebook and you can not find them because of the privacy settings that both you and I use. However, I agree with you on the topic that we are all adults and we do not need someone else telling us what to put on our profiles.