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GoLemur... the new Facebook

On Wednesday I was in a focus group for a company that is coming out with a new "Facebook" called GoLemur. However, this new "Facebook" has a catch to it. You can now get paid for having people visit your site. It is still in the process of figuring out all the quirks to the new program, but I think it seems pretty cool. It's a combonation of MySpace and Facebook where you can design your own page along with posting videos from YouTube and depending on how many people veiw your page and your videos, you would then get paid for how many "hits" you have a month.

The only catch there is, is that you have to pay a certain amount each month or year depending on how "intense " you want to have your page be. You can check this new thing out on www.GoLemur.com

Also, along with PostSecret which I love reading every Sunday, there is another web page "Find of the Day" that posts different letters or notes that people find each day. It is pretty cool to read some of the posts. www.foundmagazine.com

I am a big fan of PostSecret and I look forward to the new posts each Sunday. There are so many secrets out in the world, and if you have read the blog, some of them are pretty deep. I find it interesting the lengths that people go to decorate their postcards. I have each of the books, and am planning on going to see the exhibit this summer with a few of my friends that are also very interested in the blog. I don't feel as though this page is breaking the privacy rights of these people because they volunteer to send in their postcards hoping they will get posted.


I didn't realize PostSecret had books and exhibits associated with it's site. That's pretty interesting though it somehow doesn't seem right - especially because it concerns real people real issues. I wonder if there was a consent for these as maybe it was meant only for the posting (not for someone to make money off of their secrets)?

Assuming friends look at their friends links often, this would make having more actually be beneficial (instead of merely appearing popular..)

The thought of getting paid for people looking at your profile is so scary to me. I really fear for the younger kids. I already see the kinds of things young kids are doing on Myspace to get people to come to their page, I don't even want to think about what they would put on there if they were getting paid for it. Where do we draw the line?