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Google acting as Big Brother

I found an article called "Google as Big Brother" and I thought that it tied really well with our discussion this week. Check it out at http://www.google-watch.org/bigbro.html. I found it interesting because they talked a lot about the concerns that some people have with Google. The article discussed how Google records every action people make when they log on; it also talked about how Google can access and record all of people's information when they're added to the toolbar menu on people's computers. The toolbar also updates itself without notifying the computer owner, which makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable because I think that any kind of upgrades should first go through the computer owner. There's also information in the article about how Google never says why it is that they need eveyone's information collected and saved. My concern is that they're going to have some sort of thing going on with the government and the CIA for some odd reason. There really should be more limitations and restrictions placed on such a diverse and growing company so that they don't turn on their customers.

So, once again the article is called "Google as Big Brother" and the URL is http://www.google-watch.org/bigbro.html