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Google and Privacy

I was really surprised when I read and saw the video on Google. I think that it's a great search engine, but there's definitely something sketchy about it. I don't think that they need to mess around with having people's genetic information displayed for everyone to see online. I'm not sure what the motive for that could be. Why would they want people's genetic information displayed online? What would be the advantage for that? I also think that the whole issue of having people's genetic codes online is something that is not aided by the government, but I think that the government will definitely stick their nose in it if it really happens.

The sheer size of the company is also a little bit worrisome because if they end up completely dominating the internet, that could definitely raise some issues. As far as the issue of gmail goes, I'm not really comfortable with them storing people's personal information. The whole thing just creeps me out. I think that gmail is probably somehow collaborating with the CIA in making sure that there aren't any terrorist threats or plans being exchanged with people.

I'm curious to know how the people that put together the anti-google website got all of that information. Who exactly are they? Did they get their info from current or former Google computer workers?