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Google...the 8th Wonder of the World

Looking at the second list of sites I realized that I have seen the PostSecret site. From the first time that I saw it to now...I find it extremely creepy. Regardless if they are random and no one knows who they are from, I feel either bad or horrified at the deeds that some people are willing to get off their chests. There are some things that I believe are going on in this site. I think that this proves how anonymous the internet can be. How many people actually know who sends in these letters? One or two I would think. These people want to admit something but are ashamed or guilty to say it to the people they should be talking too. The internet provides a place for people to be anonymous. This tells me that the Internet is like a free psychologist to tell your problems too. If this trend continues and people continue to admit wrongs that could be crimes authorities will begin to look at these sites. People need to be careful. (I do, however, find it respectable that PostSecrets provides a depression help line and an event for people to express their problems.

I also watched the Google Master Plan video and find it ridiculous. I find it amusing that people continue to accept these conspiracy theories as reality. Google probably is gaining information about those that use it because they are a business. When you get a call from a telemarketer they got you information from another business. This type of marketing has gone on for years. It does not surprise me that people get so worked up on the power of a company and cannot accept its success. If we really wish to be private, why do we have computers, cell phones, or credit cards? Other businesses have been accused of working with authorities and these people have not taken over the United States. If they had wouldn't Bill Gates have been dictator years ago? People need to get over their thoughts and accept Google as a business.


I personally think that even though Google may be all about people's "privacy" and not be conspiring with the government right now, that doesn't mean that it won't happen in the future. What made me think of this was the fact that they're working with molecular scientists and are planning on having people's genetic codes available online. I personally don't know why they would want to do something like that, like what would be the point if not to eventually to have some sort of control over people? In that sense, it makes me think of the book 1984.

I agree with your comments on Postcart. I had seen this site little more than a year about. I remember going through it and I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster. Some postings were hillarious but a majority were emotionally wrenching. I felt so bad for these people. I truly hope this wasn't their only recourse for therapy. When I went on the site a few days ago for this assignment, I felt the same roller coaster of emotions.