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Just like every other social network, FaceBook brings up questions of privacy and it really depends on the users on how much they are willing to give out. I’ve had FaceBook for a few years now but probably logged on four times a year. It has a different layout than a few other networks that allow you to be creative and design your own layouts, etc. whereas FaceBook contains information on class schedules, who’s become your new friend, where you will be, what you will be doing, etc. That, I think is a little over the limit when speaking of privacy because it could potentially put you in danger for identity theft, stalkers, harassment, etc. It’s a scary thought when others can see your every move.

Although it can be dangerous, I think Facebook is so popular because it is a great way of keeping in touch and finding friends. Like mentioned, “It offers you an opportunity to interact with an extraordinarily expansive universe of new people. You can sculpt your on-line identity and learn more about how the Internet and its various programs work to create new relationships and communities. For the entrepreneurially minded, it might be an introduction into business as you think of how to "market" yourself.? (Cornell, Thoughts) People are so intrigued with this method of communicating that they don’t further look into the privacy issues. I, myself am guilty of this too.

Facebook gives you the option to choose your type of privacy much like other online communities and I think that is respectable. They follow two core principles; having control over your personal information and having access to the information others want to share. I enjoy using a few online communities which I prefer to keep private and allow friends only. It depends on individuals of the extent they are willing to share “and so it is important to remember that Facebook is malleable and creates as many obligations as it does opportunities for expression.? (Cornell, Thoughts).

I agree that “with freedom comes responsibility.? (Cornell, Thoughts) Facebook was used as an example of this and Cornell University valuing the idea that you are a mature adult who can make your own decisions. I think this is also respectable and we do have to remember that the internet is an open space for anyone to freely speak and view others posting.


I love your quote about with freedom comes responsibility. Not only does this apply to facebook but any aspect of life as well.