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It is so great being friends with movie stars!

So, is the whole eFriending with famous stars, bands, and those people you met at a party really legit? Personally, I would have to say no, but it is nice to be able to check out what those people are doing rather than going to killsometime.com. Danah Boyd writes that "a friend is a relationship that involves some degree of mutual love or admiration." (Boyd, chapter 2.) Well then, maybe a 'myspace add' does follow the definition... to a certain point. I think it is nice that a band member will 'add' a fan of theirs, same for a movie star. It is funny to see the differing realtionships presented just by looking at a wall. One person will write to the band member "Thanks for the add." While the earlier post will be asking if the person will meet for lunch on Saturday.

I really liked common list of reasons people will add someone as his/her friend. Thanks to the innovation of the facebook, for those people I am "friends" with from freshman year Bio class, when I look at his/her profile, usually there will be a little story behind it. My cousins are listed as "in my family" while that random person I have not spoken to for a while, will be hopefully listed as something like "met in math class 2004." Fun stuff. I have a funny example of what happened this last weekend at a basketball game. My friend and I were watching the game at Hamlin, and he started a conversation with a nice lady next to us. After the game they decided to exchange information...he asked for her number, but instead she told him her name, and to "facebook" her. Are they what I would consider "true friends?" No, but who knows, maybe they will be.

This new e-friendship list is not what I would consider true friendship. It is very useful for getting and staying in contact with people, but the "friend" title really is just a preferred word. Though I must say, it is nice to check out your "friends" when you have some time to kill.