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Mo Linden Mo Problems

My online personality has changed over the years. Like I stated in my first post my virtual birth was in the form of an AOL account: Booboo1187. It was a nickname that my uncle gave me for who knows what reason. It was the dawn of my internet personality. I was chatting and making online friends via AOL at the age of 13. Our computer was pretty slow and the only game I was able to play online was Mechwarrior 2, which did not work so well. So the only way to represent my virtual self was my AOL profile which doesn’t even remotely come close to what my Facebook profile looks like. I don’t have much experience using avatars or characters in massive multi-player online role playing games. I tried playing Runescape once, and even a little Diablo 2, but none of that captivated me like my former roommate who still plays World of Warcraft. He was addicted to it, which he even admitted and referred to playing it has “playing some crack.? My exposure to such online realities is limited, but I think if I were to get into it, I would probably not have my character look like me.
Second life is CRAZY. I never knew such a world existed, I always thought after playing the Sims, that it would be neat to interact with real people and not Sims. My dreams, as well as millions of other gamers’ dreams, were realized; however I still have not joined. Reading about the currency, the Linden, made my eyes pop. It is crazy how there is a simulated economy that follows some of the same trends as real life, because after all second life is modeled after real life. I will not be surprised when there are robberies for Linden or hostage situations where someone is attempting to delete a character unless given so many Linden. It is funny to think of how many real life situations can be played out virtually with all the creativity Second Life has to offer.


I found your post to be interesting and funny.
So is BooBoo your alter ego? How is BooBoo different than who you really perceive yourself to be? (You don't need to answer these-they are rhetorical).

Your roommate mentioned that his computer games are as addictive as crack. I wouldn't doubt that somewhere in our near future there will be rehab for online users and support groups. My friend is a lawyer, but she spends most of her day uploading photos on her myspace webpage.

I agree with you, Second Life is CRAZY. It's so fascinating yet so repulsive at the same time.
I had the same reaction to the Linden dollars. Brilliant! Maybe someday you'll have your own BooBoo dollars?


I found your comment about the possible abuse situations on SL very interesting. I never would have thought that it may be possible for people to threaten others into selling or giving up their property. I guess such actions are not exactly unrealistic since SL is dealing with real money making opportunities. I think that's what makes it a little scary. The fact that people can make money off of it can lead to some shady behaviors.