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My Name is Earl....

I do not know if many of you watch “My Name is Earl�, but there was an episode a few weeks ago relating to online communities. To summarize it briefly….
Earl & Randy went to help the deliveryman (the one that was in the truck Joy stole) so that he could cross him off his list. When they got to his apartment, they found that he had passed away (apparently the Murphy bed flipped up and crushed him). Earl decided Karma wanted him to throw a funeral for the deliveryman; he could not find any family or friends. His neighbors and co-workers did not remember him. Earl and Joy were cleaning out his apartment; Earl accidentally bumps the keyboard of the PC. Messages began popping up all over the place. Here the deliveryman was part of a large online community –he played games, chess, cards, ate dinner weekly via video with a woman from India, belonged to a book club, etc. He was very well known and liked in his own online community. Earl held a funeral and invited all of his online friends (who all physically met each other for the first time).

That episode popped into my head after the I posted. Just thought I would share it with you. I know it is just TV series, but sometimes it can reflect how society is changing. Anyway, the timing was there….


I like that show. I didn't see that episode but I can just imagine Earl experiencing the internet for the first time, and his brother Randy would be totally perplexed by it ha ha. That show has a lot of great examples of people experiencing new technologies.