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Myspace= DRAMA!!

I found Danah Boyd’s piece to be quite interesting and allowed me to reflect on my use of online communities. I was interested in the concept of “friending? online. It was mentioned that “people saw friendships online as content, offline facilitator, online community, trust, courtesy, declaration, or nothing.? (Boyd, Danah) I’ve used blogs, chat rooms, discussion boards and aim and my view of “friendships? online has changed throughout the years. When I used to chat, everyone on my buddy list was seen as a ‘friend’, from friends who I interacted with on a daily basis to friends who I had never seen in real life but felt comfortable enough by allowing them to know me more as a person. Now when I think about online friends, I see them more as “acquaintances? rather than friends. I’ve learned to be more aware of trusting people and using the term “friendship.? I wouldn't necessarily agree with the statement that their just "nothing" relationships because if you communicate in some way, there is some degree of relationship involved.

“Participants must select who on the system they deem to be ‘Friends.’ Their choice is publicly displayed for all to see and becomes the backbone for networked participation.? (Boyd, Danah) It was interesting when I read more about Myspace. Like mentioned in the article, Top 8 is allowing people to show a connection that states who they really are. In other words, they described it as a bookmark that serves as a way to chose people who matter the most. I use Myspace now and then, but have never been a huge fan of it. It’s interesting how TOP 8 has been such an effect on friendships/relationships online. Just like most Myspace users, I put people who are closest to me on my top list but have never had people complain about it! For instance:

“Myspace always seems to cause way too much drama and i am so dang sick of it. im sick of the pain and the hurt and tears and the jealousy and the heartache and the truth and the lies ... it just SUCKS! ... im just so sick of the drama and i just cant take it anymore compared to all the love its supposed to make us feel. i get off just feeling worse. i have people complain to me that they are not my number one on my top 8. come on now. grow up. its freaking myspace.? — Olivia (Boyd, Danah)

CRAZY! Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever let myself get TOO sucked into these communities. Seems like they are kind of harsh! :X


I agree with you about the point of "nothing" friends, because if you do communicate with one another there is "something" there that they have contributed. I like you have not been a huge fan of myspace either. I never really got caught up in it and it and it doesn't really interest me that much. You just never know who is really telling the truth about who they are or if the pictures they have of themselves is actually real. There just really isn't anyway to tell.