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Search engines and Privacy

I found a quote by Eric Schmidt who is the CEO of Google and I have to say that it really surprised me. The article itself is about gmail and you guys can visit it at http://www.gmail-is-too-creepy.com. It's titled "Creepy Gmail." In the article, Eric Schmidt states "Search is a force for peace and a better world. Google will reveal how everybody lives and thinks and speaks and looks and that is beneficial to world peace. Societies get along better when they know/see/hear more about each other." I find this quote a little erie because it seems to me like this guys has a really warped idea of what would create world peace. I personally don't think that just because I can look up a picture of someone in Singapore that it will make me want to go out and hug everyone in the world. What purpose could I possibly have in looking up complete strangers online? If anything, I think that this would lead to more stalkers and problems.


That's true, that quote is kind of eerie. It definitely seems to suggest that Schmidt takes his role as CEO of a (albeit highly successful and diversified) search engine company almost too seriously. However, I can see what he's driving at as well. There's no doubt that the internet has made the world a smaller place, and perhaps knowing more about cultures from around the globe could lead to more understanding across cultures. I do think world peace is quite a stretch though.

That is kind of strange. It is almost like he thinks he can save the world. I guess he has too much money so he thinks he is the master of us all.

Good find