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The many Faces of Facebook

My first impressions of facebook where amazement. A fellow student introduced me to facebook around 2 years ago or so and I was hooked instantly. Now I have realized that there isn't a whole lot to it. It doesn't have a lot of features like instant messaging and things like that. If they were to intergrade these features eventually on facebook that would be a real plus. However, I think it's pretty innovative and lets you stay in touch with old high school buddies and other college friends from all over the world. I have a cousin that I don't get to talk to a lot because of the time difference because she lives in London. So it work well communication through facebook and looking at each others pictures over what we did the past weekend and so on.

The privacy issues that facebook has raised I have now not given really any of my location information or my cell phone number or anything. At first, I didn't think there was much of a privacy issue with all the information that facebook had, the Schneier points to this issue, ... "all it did was take available data and aggregate it in a novel way for what it perceived was its customers' benefit. Facebook members instinctively understood that making this information easier to display was an enormous difference, and that privacy is more about control than about secrecy." (Shneire, 1). I didn't realize how complicated this privacy issue really was until I read this article. Shneier points this out in another part of the article, "Privacy used to be about secrecy. Someone defending himself in court against the charge of revealing someone else's personal information could use as a defense the fact that it was not secret. But clearly, privacy is more complicated than that." (Schneier, 1).

Some of the policies that I have adopted is just not giving out any location information like I have pointed out earlier. I think it's important not to give that information out to just anyone. Especially now when anyone can log in and see anyone profile.

I think that schools shouldn't be too concerned with the privacy issues. I think that resets more with facebook. I think that they should, I'm not sure if they don't already, give you privacy notice before you sign up and also send you a privacy notice when you log on maybe every month. I think if they give us some educational material about privacy issues and have that displayed right when you log on, that would help benefit us instead of schools getting involved and having there own policies. It also means, however, that it is up to you to set your own limits and create your own identity and to be responsible for the consequences, given that you live in the real world of rules, judicial discipline, employers with their own interests as well as other people who, like it or not, will make judgments about what they see. (Cornell University article 1).

Facebook has a pretty big interest in protect our privacy. I think that if you use a service were you can virtually tell people who you are, what you like, where you work, where you hang out, your phone number, e-mail address, etc. they have a responsiblity for letting you know the consequences of giving out this information to anyone that can log in and use it illegaly.


I as well think Facebook is an excellent way to reconnect with old friends from highschool--and even elementary school.

I actually got got my current job from reconnecting with an old friend from highschool.

I went into signing up for facebook with the attitude that I was going to display information, that I would feel comfortable with telling a complete stranger. For example, I wasn't going to put my phone number or address on my profile, because I wouldn't tell a complete stranger this personal information.

Needless to say, I think if you are using your better judgement in all instances when using Facebook or Myspace... you'll be just fine!