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again and again....

Every week as I read each of these posts and reflect on my previous experiences with the internet, it does not fail me each week to have encountered the particular situation that our class as a whole is discussing. Just this past year, I was ordering something on EBay and I lost the auction. However, the owner of the item told me that the winner didn’t want the item any more so I sent in my money, and what do you know I did not receive the item. The person then discontinued their account and was no where to be found. Almost a year later, a few phone calls with the cops, eBay and the police department down in Florida (where she was located) I finally was reimbursed 50% of the price (which was over $200). It was a very unpleasant incident that has caused me to be more hesitant when buying things on line but has not completely eliminated on-line shopping for me.
When reading each of these articles, especially the tips in “Why Phishing Works?, I was really surprised that many of the participants did not look a little bit more carefully on what they were reading. Whenever I am reading something and I have to cite information in an article or paper, I am always looking at the URL. Another big red flag that gets me is if there are many pop-ups; the more the pop-ups the less likely I am to cite the site.
After watching the video on Nigeria, I think that it is wrong to scam people no matter what economic status the country is in. I found that it was quite disturbing that there are people in the United States that fall for these scams. I would never send close to $4000 to a place half way across the world to a person that I have never met before that found me through an email. The people in Nigeria have no obligation to anyone, unlike paypal or eBay. No matter what state the country is in, bribing and “stealing? from someone is illegal.
I am very indifferent about Wikipedia. I think that it is a great site and I use it on a weekly basis. I know that many people can change the information within each page; however I feel as though enough people go on each page and will update the information if it is not current. However, when reading on this site, you have to be a little more precautious about the information and sometimes second guess yourself with another credible website or previous information.
People just need to be more careful as they read things on the internet and realize that ANYONE can post things on web pages.


That's too bad about the Ebay scam. I can't believe how dishonest some people can be. Maybe Ebay should add some more rules so the people that scam others get hit with a big fine.