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In all of the time i have spent online, I have had very little experiance with internet theft. There is only one instance that I can think of offhand, and it was the widely known paypal phishing scheme. Even with this, though, I have very little experiance, as all I did was delete the email. I feel that internet phishing is well-known enough that most people know better than to enter their credit card information and other personal information into websites that might be questionable. In my opinion, lack of online experiance is the reason people fall victim to phishing schemes, but it is laziness that makes people fall for other things. For example, a college student wants posters for his/her living space, and finds deals too good to be true on posters hard to find on a very unprofessional website. Instead of shopping around (either on more websites or in person), he/she risks it by entering their personal information anyways. In my experiance (yes I've taken the lazy way out and risked it), it always turns out okay, but it doesn't turn out okay for everyone. Lately I find it easier to just not enter any information unless it is a site that I have used before.
As far as wikipedia goes, I think that the editors stay on top of altered posts, and it isn't too much cause for concern. I do find some of the things people attempt to do horribly amusing. "Now Gutknecht, in effect, tried to expunge a reminder of a 12-year term-limit he imposed on himself in 1995" (Diaz). With all of the attention that wikipedia has been recieving lately, I don't see how any political figure could attempt to cite a wikipedia post about themself as "truth". I imagine if someone tried to say "Look, I never said I'd leave office after so long, it says so on wikipedia," they would be viewed as ridiculous. I don't think that post editing should be considered a crime, but I do think people from developing countries scamming people from wealthier countries is unethical. A crime is a crime, and if it is okay for someone from an underpriveleged background, then I can make the argument that it should be okay for me to take part in internet crime so long as I'm scamming someone wealthier than me.


Hey, I totally agree with your comment regarding having a lack of experience online. Many of these crazy e-mails and scams yell out "SCAMS" all over them but if you aren't familiar much with the internet and have little experience, I agree it could cause trouble at times.