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Colbert isn't a criminal--he is just being funny!

I do not have any personal experiences with serious Internet crime. But, freshman

year of college I got an email from a supposed bank telling me that there was

unusual activity on my card. It then linked me to a site where I was to enter all my

persona information for "security" reasons. I started doing it, and just as I was

doign so my mom called and I told her what I was doing. She said, "STOP!" I

was such a fool. I think that was when I started exploring and be very careful with

everything I did on the internet. So, four years ago I was much like the

participants in Dhamija's study: "Many users cannot distinguish a legitimate

website from a spoofed website. In our study, the
best phishing site was able to fool more than 90% of participants" (Dhamija 9).

Now, I am very careful when I go to websites to purchase items online. I make

sure they do not save my credit card information, and I always make sure the

security tag in the bottom right hand corner appears. Additionally, I liek to delete

my cookies so websites do not remember me. I rarely, if ever, type my social

security number out online. Instead, I call and make sure it is completely

necessary that they have it.

I am not sure if it is unethcial for people in 3rd world countries to try and scam us.

If I were actually them, I would probably think it was a great idea! If Americans are

dumb enough to fall for it, it is almost like they are asking for it! But, in reality and

at the heart of the matter, it is unethical. Maybe what I am saying is it is

understandable why they do it. But after watching the video, it makes me mad

that they are doing it and outwardly know it is wrong. I am proud of the

government in Nigeria for following through and arresting the criminals.

I do think tweaking wikipedia entries is a crime. If wikipedia can be kept reliable,

I think it is a great way for Americans to give the best, most unbiased view of a

subject matter. Even though Colbert seems to think "if enough other users agree

with them [writers], it becomes true" (McCarthy 1). I disagree, because if one is

foolish enough to only use one source for their resource, then it becomes the

users fault. I do not think Steven Colbert is a criminal, I just think he is funny. That

is his job--to make fun of things and cause a little controversy.


I do understand your rational when looking at the Nigeria information. I see where they are coming from that if Americans are stupid enough (which many are) to send someone they dont know 4 grand... they almost deserve it. However, all of the people know that it is a crime because they see people going to jail all the time for the exact same thing and for that I think that they know it is wrong for them to do it.

I like what you had to say about 'I disagree, because if one is
foolish enough to only use one source for their resource, then it becomes the
users fault. '

It is a two way street when we're citing resources. As a 'borrower' we are responsible in researching the source's credibility.

Good post.