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Guilty...Not Guilty---what's your take?!

I personally haven’t encountered any crime on the Internet. However, someone got a hold of my mom’s credit card number and spent over $2,300.00 worth of online merchandise in a matter of 4-5 hours. This is why people need to be very cautious when making online purchases and check their statements frequently!!

Phishing, it seems is becoming more and more common, because Phishers are being more and more sneaky and successful with trapping individual’s into their little scheme. I know that my Aunt googled a flower shop when my grandmother passed away a couple of weeks ago. She googled a local flower shop, called the number up that the website listed, not thinking twice about whether the number was legit or not. The individual she spoke with was very nice and helpful, when my Aunt described which type of bouquet she would like sent to the mortuary for my grandmother. Well when we got to the mortuary and saw what my Aunt had ordered, it was nothing like what she told the individual. She spend $75.00 on what she thought was going to be a nice big beautiful bouquet, only to have it turn out to be a piece of ivy, with a few carnations. After the wake, she went straight home and checked her statement, only to find out that her card was not charged from the place she ordered from. Further looking into the situation, she found out she was part of a common scam. To read more about the scam, you can visit: http://www.floristdetective.com/wst_page5.aspx
It is quite bazaar, and never would think twice about a situation like this happening, but according to the article it happens frequently. Needless to say you can’t be too careful when obtaining and ordering anything from the Internet.

The clip on the Nigerian people scamming other countries was quite interesting. I definitely think that this is unethical. Obviously in Nigeria it is illegal to retain money under false pretences, and they have a name for individuals in that country who make their living doing so. They are commonly called 419 men, and when these men are caught in the act, they face serious consequences. People in these other countries who are being scammed, definitely need to take more precautionary measures before sending hundreds or thousands of dollars to a foreign country, for purposes of obtaining cash you never knew about before.

As far as Wikpedia is concerned, I think you need to take any information obtained online—unless from a scholarly journal, book, or magazine, you have to take with a grain of salt that the reliability of that source may not be 100%. I didn’t know, prior to reading this article, that users are able to change definitions, if a number of people agree with its new refined definition. Could someone reflect on this for me, I guess I’m a little confused with the whole concept of Wikpedia…


The scammers are becoming more clever to disguise the real intentions. Something as mundane as flowers can add up pretty quickly for the scammers. I am curious why they would even send any flowers at all if it was a scam. We get spam faxes at work all the time, mainly for vacations (attention all employees from HR) to copy supplies. It is getting hard to trust any vendor you haven't dealt with before.

Good post


Your poor unsuspecting Aunt. Specifially looking up a business and not getting who you thought...WOW. Something so simple like that never even dawned on. I suppose it's no different than buying gas. While you're outside pumping it, someone drives up & opens the car door on the other side and steals your purse off the car seat (I heard most victims are women). Hmmm.....it's always something.

We'll spend quite a bit of time thinking about Wikipedia next week. I think your confusion will be cleared up then.

It's amazing how creative these people can be, and sad that they choose to be so callous towards others. Regarding Wikipedia, I think it's useful because you can use it as a starting point for research. It gives a good overview of the topic, you just have to remember to confirm the information that you find on their site. A lot of the entries are really written well.