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More hackers please!!!!

The internet is such a wonderful tool, but also has two sides. The good and the bad. I have not personally encountered a really life changing breech of sercurity with regards to my internet use, but the with the amount of information available and with so many people trying to get ahold of your personal information it can be somewhat disconcerting while web browsing.
I am not a really avid web browser. I use the internet for school, work and to take car of some bills (which is awesomely convenient) but once again there is the transmitting of personal information mostly financial. I definitely take precautions with regards to my sercurity when accessing the web, but the deal is that if someone really wants some information, they are going to get it. I can more relate it to cars. If someone wants to steal your car, they can and will, no matter what precautions you take. I have quite a few computer program friends whom I hire to set up my sercurity protocals on my personal computer, and pretty much give me some peace of mind.
When I have my computers setup, eveything is tweaked like firewalls, cookie settings ect. I have setup my emails to filter spam, junk mail and the list goes on, but stuff will still get through. After reading chapter 5 in cyberliteracy its funny because I remember recieving forwards from my own family members about virus email scams and other hoaxes and then me calling my family to quit forwarding garbage like that because its garbage itself! I still get email in my U of M mail and hotmail and others about scams, hoaxes and others which pretty much get deleted immediatly.
It was quite interesting to see the article on phishing sites though, I actually had never heard that word before I read the article. I was aware of the practice just not the name. After reading it I wouldn't mind taking some of the same tests that the people in the article were subjected to just to see how I would match up and see if I could avoid the "spoof" sites. It does not make me extremely eager to surf the net all the time knowing that people literally devote their days to scamming on the less knowledgeable.
With regards to the Nigeria scams with the 419's is somewhat rediculous to me. If I was talking to anyone from Nigeria asking me for bank accounts and money wires you can be sure the only sound they would get is click of my phone being hung up. Unfortunately there are quite a few ignorant or just plain stupid people who actually follow these rabbit trails. I will be the first to admit though that I have been one of those people. I tdid not involve the net, but literally getting scammed right on the street. I lost around $700 and was sobered up quite quickly as to how I conduct myself and exactly where my money goes. As for those in Nigeria and the "Robin- Hood" ethic, not a chance. I know that the country is struggling with money and its government is in turmoil, but they are still scamming people for money which I believe to be quite wrong. Some people might argue well if you are dumb enough than you deserve it. Not true, some just don't have the cyber savvy knowledge to deal with these scams and innocent people are loosing lots of money because of it.
I don't think I would classify Steven Colbert as a criminal, but he does have a certain responsibility as a public figure (even if he's a comedian) to monitor his words slightly. I would definitely blame the Wikipedia overloaded servers attributed much to the words of Colbert. I find it funny that so many people would act on his words, his show is about making a spoof and embellishing the world around us with somewhat cynical tirades that are just ment to poke fun at our society