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Obstructing Justice

So far I have not experienced any type of internet crime personally. However, I do know an individual who participated in online scams. He set up fake accounts on Ebay and sold products to users and did not send them. He made a lot of money doing this and stopped before Ebay had fully protected itself against that type of fraud.

To be honest I have taken very little precautions to this point to prevent myself from crime. I have the standard virus scanner and don't save passwords. I guess the anonymity I feel at home while browsing gives me a sense of invincibility which I obviously do not have.

I have sympathy for struggling people in countries that need economic growth. I also don't necessarily think wealthier people getting scammed as a whole would be that bad of an idea. The only issue I have is that I don't feel the people that really need to money are getting it. Those who are smart enough to scam wealthier countries also are probably wealthy in their own.

Tweaking with an online public forum like Wikipedia does have ethical issues. In that sense I think it should be treated just as journalists are treated for printing unethically. This helps to protect a society that depends extremely on the media's ability to tell true and accurate stories quickly. That being said, I don't think Stephen Colbert is a criminal but I do think he should have some sort of reprimand for his behavior.


Wow... I knew that there were people out there who did that stuff on Ebay because I was on the other end of the crime, but its weird how "close to home" it is. I don't understand how people are able to take people's money and not even feel bad about it.

You mention that you think that Wikipedia 'should be treated just as journalists are treated for printing unethically.' And is some ways I agree with you, but Wikipedia also makes it known that it's a collaborative site where the users provide the information. So unlike major publications like the Star Trib or Newsweeks were the reporters are hired and paid for their journalistic ethics, Wikipedia is just offering a free forum for the public.

Good post,

I had somewhat of an experience on ebay like the one you mentioned, although not as severe. I bought a couple of webcams on ebay (really really cheap ones, kind of my fault for doing it really), and when they were sent to me they didn't work. It didn't even seem like they were actually assembled, just some plastic put together. I definitely agree with what you said about the anonymity you feel at home lends to sense of invincibility on the internet. I feel the same way when I surf the web at home, though not as much when in a computer lab. Its kind of interesting that our physical surroundings can change our perceptions of security so much.

I as well have sympathy for individuals who are in less economic countries. I think we as Americans are very privelaged and take a lot of what we have for granted. However, I don't think it's all super wealthy people getting scammed. It very well could be individuals who have an average wealth, looking to increase their wealth from this supposed "money" that could be theirs'.

I also know a few individuals who have been scammed horribly on E-Bay. That is why I am super hesitant about purchasing ANYTHING via E-Bay. I think I've purchased a total of 2 things, that were only like 1.00 + shipping. I knew that if I were to get scammed with these items, I wouldn't be losing much.