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My personal experiences with Internet crime have been pretty much non-existent. I am a very carefull person and the only time that I have had a problem was when I downloaded a virus. I opened up an e-mail I didn't know who it was from and my computer kept shutting down and restarting. I got the problem fixed however I had to delete everything off of my computer and rebooted and had to load everything back on there from scratch. Luckily nothing was effected. However, when I called a professional to get it fixed, they said that if I didn't delete everything off of my computer, the information on it would have been comprimised. Another situation that I had involved a bit of security from paypal and my online betting account that I had at the time. I was making sports bets online at my friends computer and they said that I couldn't make any more bets until I sent them my drivers license, and a copy of my bank statement showing a deposit was done into my paypal account to fund my sports betting account. I was skeptical about this and I called there office and they said it's standard because bets where being made at different locations and they where concerned that they weren't ligitimate. I guess if I was loosing money they would be ok with it.

I take I guess the standard precautions so I protect myself from ID theft and phishing attacks. I have updated phishing protections that checks every site for authenticity. It has worked well and I haven't had any complaints. I also really don't give out any information online and I don't shop for anything or use my credit card or anything online. Call me old fashion, but if I really want to buy something, I go to the store. It's just amazing to think how many people are victims of Internet crimes. "About 2 million users gave information to spoofed websites (Tygar, 1)." This is amazing to me that this affects that many people. I think that even the people who are really diligent in watching what sites they go to and what information they give out can easily become victimes. "...even in the best case scenario, when users expect spoofs to be present and are motivated to discover them, many users cannot distinguish a legitimate website from a spoofed website. (Tygar, 9).

I think it is truly unethical for people in developing countries to scam people from wealthier countries. I watched the Nigerian scams on Dateline or some show like that many times and it's crazy. I think they need to be shutdown and the public needs to be more aware of this. Many people have lost there life savings because of these scams and that's unfortunate. I don't think it reflects on any type of Robin Hood ethic at all. It's unethical and the people who scam should be sent to jail for 10 years minimum.

I personally don't think that tweaking an entry on Wikipedia should constitute as a crime. If you don't feel like the information is factual, go some where else to check the information. I just think that people like to make a big fuss over little things, we should pay more attention to ID theft and internet crimes than changing words around on Wikipedia, it just sound ludacris to me.