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That's Phishy

I do not think I have ever been phished, and believe that the correlation between computer usage and phishing identification is asking the wrong question. I think that the more you see the junk emails and use the internet, the easier it is to identify a scam. It seems in my group of friends, that those of us who have used the net more end up spending less time on things that are not obviously from friends, family or something we are expecting, and will just trash it instead of worry one way or another.

My best defense to phishing is my pop-up blocker and lack of care for throwing anything away. I have a lot of mail that is sorted as junk mail, thanks to Google Mail's identification of a wide array of bad email (I don't remember the last time I had to throw junk mail away). When I used to receive junk mail through my hotmail account, I would not even open it if I could not identify the name in the FROM column.

I think it is always unethical to steal. Yes the situation in Nigeria is bad, but it is unethical because stealing is wrong, not because having rich and poor people is right. For this reason we see the arrested man feel bad, and not robbed himself, after he was arrested and gave an explanation. In my opinion, Robin Hood isn't exactly the best way to readjust the wealth of any community, but it is probably a lot quicker than taking up donations.

I don't think tweaking on Wikipedia can be considered a crime, because it is more a Wikipedia rule that you can't enter in personal information than any law. People write biographies all the time, leaving parts out. Companies that own almost everything (like General Electric owning NBC, and Viacom owning both MTV and VH1) are able to write only half of many stories. For example if there is every a big scandal and GE, NBC would not be the source I would turn to, although they would most likely tell a very truthful story about it some parts might just be left out.

Stephen Colbert is therefore not a criminal, and neither is Steagle Cobeagle the Eagle.