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Try this. You'll receive 50 million dollars!!

I have never personally had any experiences with internet crime but I have seen e-mails that I knew were not legit. For instance, I used to receive e-mails almost like the ones sent out from the 419 Scams. Immediately, I knew it was a scam and usually these kind of scams work by asking for a little money so you can receive a large sum. I work at the bank and there are a lot of e-mail scams on customers. There was a time it was so bad, I’d see many customers come in with that same issue. One case I remember was when a customer gave his entire visa card # and expiration date to another person over the internet as the other person verified the first four numbers of his visa. (little did he know, everyone has the same first four numbers on their visas). I worked with this customer for a quite a bit, after they had already lost hundreds of dollars. These experiences I’ve seen with others really keep me cautious to any online scams.

Precautions that I have taken to shield myself from phishing and identity theft include being very cautious and aware of everything I do online. There are scammers out there, roaming throughout the internet. As mentioned, the reason people are scammed everyday includes “lack of knowledge, visual deception, and lack of attention.? (Phishing, Pg. 2) This can be very dangerous if you are careless. Although I had not known the different security terms, it’s important to also take those into considerations when purchasing items, giving personal information and such. I’ve also changed from Internet Explorer to Firefox and I’ve found less problems with it and it is said to “offer advanced security features.? (Phishing, pg. 4) Firefox offers the domain name and lock icon in the status bar.

I found the 419 scam in Nigeria to be very interesting, yet disturbing. It is very unethical for anyone to scam another in any way. It’s really important to read carefully and ask yourself “is this even possible?? “Am I really receiving 50 million dollars for free?? On another note, Stephen Colbart’s ‘tweaking’ incident does not really come off as a crime.


I've switched to Firefox as well. Big difference and it feels more secure as well. I've started clearing more history/cache as well as not saving passwords. I'm hoping every little bit counts.

Oh, and I didn't realize the first 4 char of a visa were the same for everyone. That's good to know!

I appreciated your insight to the 419 scams from a banking perspective. I have also never been part of online identity theft but have been contacted many times with emails saying send me money or saying that by providing my checking account info. they would wire me thousands of dollars.

Perhaps banks should inform customers because I am assuming that not only does the consumer loose money on these 419 scams but also the bank.

Good job,

Amber Rose

I never have really had any experiences with Internet crimes either but I know exactly what you are talking about with the e-mail scams. You can pretty much tell it's a scam when someone offers you a large sum of money but you have to give them a little first to get it. I've seen those e-mails myself.

I agree with you that it's very unethical for people where ever they are to scam people out of money. I think that there needs to be more precautions with e-mails and to have the people that are doing this to be sent to jail for a long time.

I also said the same thing that the Colbert tweaking really isn't a crime. I think that people need to pay more attention to the 419 scams and other ID theft and Internet scams instead of what people write on Wikipedia.