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Last week, Ramona left an interesting comment on a smart post by Blender. In her comment, she says:

I also read that there was a female blogger who wrote an explicit blog about her dating life, and one of the 'characters', I can't remember whether he worked the White House or the Justice Department, was fired from his job because of it--now he is suing her. So that rule about being careful about including information about one's friends is useful in professional life as well.
What she's referring to here is the Washingtonienne scandal. A few years back Jessica Cutler, an intern on the Hill, wrote a series of blog posts about performing sexual acts with politicians she worked with in exchange for money. The story was broken by Wonkette, a more popular blogger on the Hill who works for Gawker Media. From there, the story blew up in the traditional Big Media venues. Cutler was fired and quickly secured a book deal. which resulted in The Washingtonienne, a Novel. I noticed remainder copies of it at Barnes & Noble the other day. (And yes, I managed to restrain myself from buying one. Although I probably should, just for the "Blog-to-Book" section of my shelves.)

So yes: blogging can get you fired, famous, and infamous. Getting fired for your blog is known as getting dooced, in honor of Heather Armstrong at dooce.com. Her archives are easily searchable if you want to know the whole story behind that.


Thanks for the dooce blog site. It looks great!

I had no idea Washingtonienne took money for her favors. CLASSY! If you read the book let me know. Did you read the woman-who-cooked-every-darn-recipe-from-"Mastering-the-Art-of French-Cooking"? Rmaster

Yes, I did! I actually read that blog while it was still actually a blog, and loved Julie. I have a copy of her book on the shelf behind me. It's quite good.