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Don't Hit That Taser One More Time!

Well I'm not going to lie. I definately missed the boat on this story in the fall of this year. I had never seen any images of the student at UCLA receiving such a questionable confrontation with the law. It is amazing to think of trying to recreate that account had it not been for amateur video shot from a cell phone. Time magazine hit the nail right on the head when they named us the people of the year for 2006. I could have never imagined the networking capabilities we have today even 5 years ago.
When we dealt with intelectual property and the concerns associated with it I think of situations such as the one at UCLA. If we weren't allowed to share user created media along with mainstream media we would blind ourselves from truly seeing the whole story. I see the hand held video shot of the student as he begs for the officers to stop and the gathering of students surrounding him and I imagine myself in a similar situation. These shots aren't coming out of the tv screen this is REALITY.
The issue of reality is confronted with the story of Lonelygirl15. People would argue that the directors manipulated their audiences by using an person assumed to be real and creating a fictious show. This is no different than reality television. I know that The Real World isn't a real life example of how those people live their daily lives. Issues are created and presented by the producers who want to make a profit. We see through Web 2.0 that anyone can make news or create news if they want to. Maybe now we will finally be able to present each other around the world with the truth and not the truth that is presented to us by the media.


I agree with you that our ability to network with others is quite incredible. I also think that it's great that we have tools like cameras and camera phones to tape incidents like the one in UCLA. Without the hard core evidence of the incident, verbal and written retelling of what happened wouldn't have had as much power and success. I totally felt a difference between reading the article for this week about it and watching it on YouTube. I have to say that what happened there is really weird and is totally an abuse of power. That kid did not deserve to be tased when leaving the library. What struck me the most is the bystander effect where it wasn't until the very end that someone actually stepped in and really tried to get them to stop tasing Mostafa.

You make a good point about missing the whole story without everyday people recording everyday events. I think that the UCLA situation was a good thing for people to see so they can make there own judgements about what happened.

Very good post thank you.

this : "We see through Web 2.0 that anyone can make news or create news if they want to. " resumes my thoughts.

Web 2.0 can be great for many reasons, but it can be a great way to manipulate too, which is much more dangerous.