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“Some of the comments on YouTube make you weep for the future of humanity just for the spelling alone, never mind the obscenity and the naked hatred.? (Grossman) This is certainly a statement I agree with. It’s not just YouTube, but blogs, websites, and emails. But, an entirely different subject…

The taser incident at UCLA is something else. It did not appear to be handled properly or with much thought by the officials in charge. The technologies that allow us to view these incidents are increasing. Before this, if someone happened to have a camcorder while an incident was going on, it made the nightly news. Now, anyone with a cell phone can record anyone anywhere at any time. Once it is recorded, it can be easily uploaded to the Internet. The people in the videos, in particular the bystanders, do not give out permission to be on the Internet. That video is on the Internet for a while. Also, how do the viewers know if the film was altered? It’s difficult to know if the film was posted by a credible source. Also, I’m not a big fan of executions or personal disasters being shown on the Internet (or television for that matter). I guess I don’t understand why someone would feel the need to see that. From what I’ve learned this semester, information on the Internet appears so permanent and can be so damaging to someone in the future. It’s removal is difficult.

I found the videos to LonelyGirl entertaining. It was interesting (although I’m not surprised) that viewers believed Bree was a real person doing a personal vlog. “A Hollywood movie is understood to be fictional. Vlogging on YouTube is not.? The producers of LonelyGirl were pretty clever in admitting to the users that the characters are not real but they could communicate with them. Guess it always helps to have a lawyer as one of the team members. “It's all the more engrossing because viewers can correspond with the characters and even affect the plot.? (Secret World of Lonely Girl) I think they found something fun and entertaining (without the commercials) for those who are soap opera maniacs. The interaction with the audience is also a clever twist. Everyone wants to give out their 2-cents of advice and now they can. I'm sure some of those emails are very interesting to say the least!


I appreciated your comments from the UCLA tasers incidents that was caught and broadcasted online. The point that stood out the most was about the by-standers. You are right, by-standers are not asked for permission to be in these videos and for them to be posted online. I also appreciate the comment that these forms of videos, etc. are difficult to remove from online. With the ability to save and copy information from online it is never a secure place for any information. It for now relies on a system of ethics.

Good job.

I too find the whole LonelyGirl15 phenomenon very entertaining. I loved your comment "I think they found something fun and entertaining (without the commercials) for those who are soap opera maniacs." It's so true! Great post!