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Network Neutrality means you pay!

Network neutrality means you pay!

. . . . .can we blame them. Perhaps Whitacre, CEO At&t, should not be categorized as the following rephrased statement from the Orlowski article: the Southern gentlemen who would be so charming that he could had you back your guts on a plate and that you would thank him. (Orlowski, 2007) Perhaps he is nothing more than his title: a CEO. A company’s leader that is there to maximize potential, creating hysteria as a marketing tactic, and taxing other companies as a way to use At&t created capital resources.

Ok, this is one perspective. Monopolies are illegal but in the effect that government has allowed this domination of mergers such as the BellSouth merger potentially they have kept in mind the interest of the people. I found it interesting that democratics became blamed for this so-called allowance of mergers and domination.

In conclusion, whether net neutrality is either in existence or simply a made-up hysteria the government needs to take action to ensure individuals of no threat. I personally am not concerned with threats of net neutrality and believe that the grandma trying to attend her doctor appointment via streaming media should relax as well. I appreciated the videos but believe people should allow the government to regulate potential monopoly threats with these big businesses and not focus on allowing this “mumbo jumbo? to be of much concern.


I think we are always going to have the activist that has to join a side and stir up the pot. They may not care about the issues but they are a great "pot stirrer?". I agree with your assessment about Whitacre is just a CEO doing his job. If he faild at the merger, there would probably be activists calling for his head.