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Net Madness!

I am sorry for the late post, as I was busy finalizing my final project and didn’t realize that we had a blog for this week until now. Anyhow, how think this week’s topic is very interesting. Net Neutrality is definitely a new concept to me. I didn’t realize that this was going on, and that our familiar way of accessing and using the world wide web, is at stake.

I had a difficult time really grasping the concept of Net Neutrality from the readings and links for this week. So I decided to resort to YOUTUBE and check out some videos on Net Neutrality to grasp a better understanding. I really got a good description of the concept from this video below:


I think by taking away the neutrality from the net, you are going to upset A LOT of people. Sure large corporations want to make an extra buck or two, but there are doing it at the cost of billions of people. If I pay an internet provider monthly for high-speed access to the internet, I want to be able to access the sites I am comfortable and familiar with using. They phone companies should have thought about this when they first started offering internet access to their customers. I think by making things more complex, for their own benefit, which in turn means slower access to users, is selfish and not really looking out for the customer’s best interest. It’s interesting to hear that the government isn’t too concerned with this issue. I wonder how serious it has to become before they start to care.