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Net Neutrality Nowadays-- Not Necessarily!

Again, I have to say WOW. Sometimes I feel like I am living in a cave after reading the articles for the week. I have never really thought or learned about Net Neutrality until this week. I didn’t think about whom or what is controlling what I view or how it is monitored or who is actually providing it for me. I am aware that in some nations government can control what is available to view. But, for Americans I always thought that we could see what we want, when we want and as fast as we want (As long as we are of age, have time and money to pay for a fast connection.) But, I never thought this privilege or right could or would be taken away. It would be quite the day when some things downloaded faster than others and if companies like AT&T or Comcast controlled what google could or could not do. When business’ struggle for power and control it does start to get messy. I guess I do not know who should have rights in the case of AT&T and online companies. But, I am guessing since there are more companies like google online, they would win. In conclusion, my overall thoughts are that we will just have to wait and see what type of new controversies or ideas arise online, and what will be the trigger for more direct change to net neutrality.


I agree, I had no idea what net neutrality was until this week. I feel like I have been so ignorant. I always just thought that there were no problems with the internet. I already hate Comcast and how they try and screw eeryone with cable and now theyre trying with the internet. I believe the government needs to take a stand and protect the public (considering we vote them into office and pay their large salaries). We should write our representatives and tell them how much we care about net neutrality and bring this issue to the forefront so people like you and me can learn about net neutrality and become passionate about the issue.

I liked how you compared American's ability to see what they want, and those of countries whose governments put restrictions on media. I know that when I personally found out about governments in African countries limiting media information, I thought that was grossly unfair. Now we face the same issue with the phone companies wanting to do pretty much the same thing. I think that they should not be allowed to step over this boundary.