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Pardon our freedom

Very very interesting videos and article this week! I had absolutely no idea about what the Net neutrality was and how crucial it was for the future of Internet. I thought it was pretty alarming, even if I have to admit that I did not get everything. The beautiful thing with Internet until now is this complete freedom that the users can enjoy: freedom of writing anything, communicating with anyone they want to, read everything, or consume any kind of media when and how they want to.
Putting gates to that freedom would mean the end of Internet, for sure. The paralel with newspapers and radio, made in the second video, is quite interesting. The interesting thing is that it happened everywhere (at least everywhere in western societies) and not only in the US. However, I was wondering (and I absolutely don't know the answer) what would happen if AT&T and Time Warner gain what they want to (on this point, I did not understand everything) but at the same time, all the other countries would refuse it. As we said earlier, Internet does not have any borders, and the materials is available for everyone, everywhere... I know that French people are pretty touchy with everything that deals with freedom online, and such laws or actions by French Internet providers would be impossible right now.
How would that work online, with different rules between providers in different countries? I am really asking, because I have no idea.

Anyway, I'll try to get more informed about net neutrality and to inform the people I know.


I had that same thought as you - the Internet is borderless. How can we in the US regulate and control what is put out there by someone in a different country? Wouldn't all countries have to agree? And if they did, would regulations even work? I'm thinking if they can't control spamming and viruses, how will they control data? I guess I have more questions than answers at this point too.

Good post.

I agree about how unaware I was about this subject. I didn't realize how many different sides there were to the debate, and the videos and reading just seemed so confusing. I think I got it now after a little more searching, but I guess it's a never-ending battle.