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The Ignorance of the Masses?

I actually think it is a little funny that one man was able to misdirect an entire nation, all in an effort to merge a company. It is actually laughable. The whole story actually reminds me of a similar Wag the Dog tale form the 1950’s. Back then, a few Senators owned major shares in the Chiquita Banana Corp. However, as often happened in South America in the 1950’s Communist Gorillas were threatening to take over the county where their Banana plantations were situated…these men stood to loose everything.

So what is a Senator to do…call a friend in Hollywood. You see, The movie industry created that war in South America…right down to the fake bombs droped from derelict WWII dive bombers…they fooled the entire American public into thinking the Communists were taking over…when in actuality, there were no Communists, the government there only wanted to nationalize the Bannana Company to get rid of the American Business men. However, because of this fake war, Red frightened Americans supported military support to the Senator puppet, and the rest is history, a Military Coup, and the Senators kept their plantations, but duping the American people. It is even said the President Eisenhower, upon hearing this…leaned back in his chair and laughed.

This is just like Witachers duping of America over his merger. He made it look as though there was going to be this big change in the internet…and then used his merger to promise not do the thing he worried everyone to death that was on its way…he’s making billions…we have eggs on our face. Bravo. Thus proving the ignorance of We the People.


What if Whitacre didn't really mislead the nation? What if the media misled the nation with their biased/unbiased reporting. In reality, maybe Whitacre was manipulated to appear as the wagger?

Sometimes things aren't as they seem.

Just a monkey wrench for thought...


As evident in my posting, I really agree with you that mr Whitacre (sp?)is really detrimental to the overall public. I never thought of the comparison you made with other "wag the dog" cases like you did. I do however think that because of the freedom of information that the internet provides us that not as much of the populace will have this one pulled over their heads.