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Say no to Swiss neutrality when it comes to net neutrality!

Over that past eight years, I have really come to cherish the internet. It's such a dynamic way to gather information and communicate with people. All users have the opportunity to create things online. As mentioned by the "Humanity Lobotomy" video, this simple right could be under threat. Telecommunication companies seem to want more control over the internet. As the video said, this could turn the internet into a one way device, much like radio and television.

Over the past few years especially, I have held the internet in high regard because it seems to be taking the place of television journalism. In the past, television news outlets did a better job reporting the news. News programs were willing to broach difficult topics. But now, there seems to be a genuine reluctance to report on anything that may be controversial or anything that could hurt their parent corporations stock prices.

Author Ben Bagdikian claims that, in 1983, 50 corporations owned the majority of all news media. As of 2004, that umber has fallen to just 5. This to me does not seem healthy. The press is supposed to be the unofficial fourth branch of the government. Since the TV press has gone soft, guess which medium has taken the place of television in regards to reporting the news? That's right, the internet.

If the telecom companies have their way and gain control over the internet, we could be in trouble. We really need to make sure that the internet stays a public domain. I sure don't want the internet turned into their corporate vision of how they want it. It would probably look like our physical world. A McDonalds on every corner and a Target or Wallmart within spitting distance. Ick! As Orlowski showed us in his article, these big corporations want it all.

It's our country. I'm all for creativity. The world needs a place to express themselves.

Have a good summer my invisible classmates!


I personally think that the internet should not become a one-way communication highway since the majority of it is comprised of indepedent content. I don't think that the internet should become what radio and TV has become. I totally agree with you that if telecommunication companies start to gain control over the Internet that we're screwed because who knows what they would want to do next?