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Why Can't We Just Share?

Net neutrality is a concept that not many people have ever heard of. My guess is that not many people out of the technology industry actually know what it is, I know that I had never heard of it before I had read and watched about it. It really is a scary concept, if things being going the corporate way, the public may not like the way the Internet is headed. It seems as if corporations are asking for people to go away from the Internet, because the use of the Internet will not be neutral anymore. Technology has found a way to keep corporations from showing advertisements with the invention of TIVO. Therefore, companies must find a way to show their ads quickly and without loading time so people don't have a chance to delete the ad. Is net neutrality a violation of the constitution? Is it violating any of our rights? Dan Gillmor, journalist, says, "This is horrendous, It's a threat not just to Citizens Media (sic) but to democracy itself."

We can compare the path of the Internet to that of print. As stated in "Human Laboratory", where the narrator states that, "Once commercialized, newspapers became a one directional medium, no longer benefiting from the contributions of everyone." This same thing has occurred with radio and television. However, people never thought that this could happen to the Internet. But what happens when the Internet is taken over? Corporations have already began posting on Youtube, taking the place of poster videos, Youtube already sold out to corporations and many videos that should not have been taken down, have. If this is the past the Net is taking blogs will disappear, message boards will be of no use, and wikipeida will be a distant memory. While Bittorrents may be a bad thing for the entertainment industry, what is going to happen to those bands that have received record deals because of the Internet? Independent music will go back to trying to get airtime on local radio and independant filmmakers will have to pray their video is accepted into a film festival. If net neutrality is destroyed, the voice of the public will once again be silenced by big corporations and I do not know if there will be another way we could have our voices heard again.


I totally agree with you that once corporations stick their hands into the internet, we are going to face a lot of problems. Many people's independent music and content is going to be "silenced" by corporations. I think that if this does happen, however, there will be a back lash and people will start to go back to their local sources of radio and films, and print sources. That's my opinion because either way, people are going to try to find a way to express themselves.