May 14, 2007

Master Final Project Gallery

Journalism on the Web by Matt Krieger (35.11 MB. Low-bandwidth version here, 9.65 MB)
A Texas Showdown Regarding Online Communities by Scott Szesterniak

The Influence of the Internet on the Music Industry by Pierre Tomi
From iTunes to BitTorrent by Matt Erickson
The Internet: Opening Up a New Level of Vulnerability by Nick Johnson
Online Social Habits, Pt 1 and Part 2 by Carl Cassel
The Truth About Gender Online by May Her (a series, so keep clicking along through it)
Identity Theft by Paul Thind (also a series)

Digital Divide by Julia Thieschafer
Grandpa, Tell Me About Filesharing by Richard Sletten
Indie Music Kid vs The Intern by Andrew Ranallo

Digital Books and Hypertexts
Intellectual Property by Nicole Harder
Virtual Community: History and Implications by Elizabeth Grant
The Internet as a Crisis Communication Tool by Amber Rose Bjerke

Internet Crime, It’s No Laughing Matter by Julie Swenson
The Affect of the Internet on the Political Arena by Mike Doyle
To Protect Yourself from an Internet Predator by Mark Mahan
Digital Divide: Urban and Rural by Lucas Sjostrom
The Internet and Public Radio by Neil Fahlstrom
Podcast TCarr: Filesharing and DRM by Travis Carr
Internet Crime by Erin Milbrath
Filesharing, by Nick Miller.
Internet Advertising by Jamie Johnson, with special bonus video: