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2 heads are better than 1

I was really intrigued with the chapter on platforms in Wikinomics. It really goes to show you that platforms that spawn from participation, do create innovation and value quickly in times of distress and need. For example, the katrinalist. After the screen scraping process headed by Geilhufe, the tech savvy team was able to sift information from missing people and organize it into central database which collectively contributed to a spread of massive participation from volunteers and high profile bloggers. I find this amazing. In only four days a usable program was put together with almost no money involved. Something as big as this would take time and money. This truly was "mass collaboration at its finest" (pg. 187). Another true and exciting point raised is "as long as the web remains open...services and components are constantly remixed and improved by anyone with the skills and inclination" (pg. 189). With this provided, platforms are the best way to gather outside sources of information, talent, and participation that enhances the capabilities of any business or person for that matter. I am all for platform benefits. However, I do believe that there is a fine line between legality barriers in questioning the use of certain material. For example, Radamacher did not develop his program further because he did not know about the intellectual property.

I find Facebook to be very useful. I believe that it is a great social networking site to use as agreed upon by Zelenka. I use it mostly to surf my friends "friend list" to see if there is anyone that I have hung out with in the past. I find this incredibly helpful, especially when I have lost my cell phone which happens quite alot. Then I can simply check on Facebook and send out mass messages and network in that way. I rarely find time to IM, and I cannot help but think this would be a nuisance if someone was doing it in the work place and still remaining focused on work.