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Because "Urgent Emergents" just ain't right.

I’d love to give our blog a better name than the rather bland "Emerging Technologies in STC," but I’m coming up dry on this one. If you've got idea, leave it in the comments. Best one wins!

Update 1/26/08: I’m moving this up top just in case anyone missed it before. Great responses so far, but more is always better for this kind of thing.


Here are a few ideas I came up with for a title for the site.

Socially Climactic Technologies (FTW)!

BiMonSciFiCon! (J/K, had to add a simpsonism in there)

Life's too short to be disconnected!

Connection making at its best!

Connectonomics! or Connectinomics!

Aspiration toward collaboration!

I'm horrible at this time of thing, but, man, can you seriously top "Urgent Emergents"?

Hello Krista and colleagues! Honestly, I like "Urgent Emergents"! It has a nice ring to it and is very catchy. I like David's suggestion of "Connectonomics! or Connectinomics!" It reminds me of one of our required reading materials: Wikinomics. It also reminds me of another really good book called Freakonomics. Fill in the blank: _______onomics.

I've thought of possible names, and what I came up with was: Web or Web 2.0.4662 or Web 2.0.something . . . I thought of that because at my former company, we had this online application, which was constantly upgrading. We had a version 1, a version 2, etc. The whole number changed (from 1 to 2, etc) when it was a major version change. However, between version 1 and version 2 and etc, there would be small changes done in between the release of version 2 from version 1 and so on. Thus, the versions would be 1.1.2 or 2.0.1. For example, the Mozilla Firefox application that I am on right now is Version I found that by going to Help and About Mozilla Firefox. When I went to Help and About Internet Explorer, I saw that the version was 6.0.2900.2180 . . .

Hello all! How about How about The Neo-Techno Shift?