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Dis- or misconnected

I'm Sara, a confirmed Luddite and dutiful student of WRIT 4662 suffering the humiliation of absolute ignorance about Twitter, Facebook, etc., etc. As per our assignments for the week, I just set up accounts in Facebook and Twitter. I sent Tweets to 4 colleagues at work and finally found my way back to this blog where I'm placing virtual 911 call for advice on Twitter and Facebook.

I can't figure out how to connect my facebook page with the facebook page for the class though. Is anyone willing to help with this confounding linkage? I will post endless worshipful comments to your blog posts in return for assistance.

Another question: I know I can control who can find my Facebook page but it wasn't evident to me whether someone who I have not admitted as a friend can find me by searching for my name. I must admit that it was very uncomfortable for me to post my name. It doesn't seem secure.

And, can Twitter messages really be only 150 characters?


To link to the facebook group...Look for the 'join this group' link right under the fancy graphic in the upper right hand part of the class page. Click. Voila!

People on Facebook can see that you have an account, but they can't see your page or anything about you other than your name unless you either approve them or make your page public. (And unless they can see your page, they won't be able to be totally sure that you're *that* Sara.)

Re Twitter: Yup. 150 characters. Short and sweet. If you find my account (kakennedy), follow me and then you should be able to also see who else in the class has set up accounts if you click on the "followers" button on my page. Email or IM me if I can offer more help.

Hi Sara,

All this is new to me, too. I opened up my facebook and twitter account yesterday. I've been just exploring the sites and surfing through the pages, which helped me a lot. Just by playing around with the sites, I am hopefully able to answer your questions . . .

For the facebook class page, go to http://minnesota.facebook.com/group.php?gid=20824839240

Once you're there, click on Join Group on the right (kind of upper corner).

You can control your Privacy settings on Facebook. Click on the privacy link (upper right hand corner). You can control who sees your profile (click on profile then edit your settings) as well as who can search for you (click on search then edit your settings).

In the FAQ page of Twitter, it said: "How long can my updates be? . . . We have a 140 character limit on Twitter updates. If your update is longer than that, the full update will post to the web where it can be viewed in its entirety. We'll still send the truncated version: only the first 140 characters will go to phones and IM."

I hope this helps. Best wishes!

All you have to do is go to the upper right hand corner and click on privacy...then you can edit the settings of particular areas