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“…every human social network behaves as a gas…?

I started rambling on in a comment to sara m’s post, but I figured I should finish it here. I was talking about how most of my friends and family members are not “online people.? We have most of our conversations in person or over the phone. I then started thinking that maybe it is the reason I’ve never felt compelled to join any online communities or do any social networking. But then again, I don’t usually join anything and I’ve never played team sports. Hmmm…something to ponder.

For the next month or so, I will be at my busy little job where work gradually gets transitioned to other people before the lay off and I spend more and more time doing homework. The current environment is all face to face communication, with email being our only electronic communication. IM is blocked. At a previous job, we were able to use IM, and I liked using it to send quick messages. It was great getting an IMing etiquette refresher course in Connect!. I’m finding that book to be full of very useful information for my future work path—whatever that may end up being. I also think the examples in Wikinomics are very interesting.

Before I got my current job, I contemplated if I was the kind of person who could work from home. This was back in 2000/2001, so I don’t know if any of the applications we are using in this class were around back then. Anyway, I was really surprised that I could use Twitter and Facebook at my current work. I thought for sure it would be blocked (IM and MySpace are), so I’m going to try to get in the habit of using Twitter while I am still there.

In regards to the Licklider and Taylor article on computers as communication devices, I think it is a bit of a novelty and had to laugh at some of the statements and the graphics. It was fun to read to see what has come true and what has not.

The first line: “In a few years, men will be able to communicate more effectively through a machine than face to face.? I personally don’t think that will ever happen—as a whole I don’t think most people are very good at really saying what they mean. But when the article talks about using a computer to discuss modeling, then I agree the collaboration will work. “When communicators have no such common framework, they merely make speeches at each other; but when they have a manipulable model before them, they utter a few words, point, sketch, nod, or object.? (23)

His discussion of online communities on pages 37 – 40, is interesting. Letters and telegrams have pretty much disappeared, but business trips still happen all the time. And this certainly does not happen: “When you do you visit another person with the object of intellectual communication, you and he will sit at a two-place console and interact as much through it as face to face.? It’s usually one person at a terminal and one person hovering over the other person’s shoulder.

I really don’t know what to think of “OLIVER? (39). OLIVER seems like a combination of current social networking technology and also future technology.

Also, I like how “mice? is in quotes (25) and they have a graphic with a woman in a bikini…it’s very dated. One that is a little weird from a perspective of current events is the graphic of the smiling guy at a computer. He just pushed a button and on his screen a bridge is collapsing with trucks falling into the water below it.

On a side note on social networking. I occasionally check out the blog/website of my college roommate’s husband. I don’t usually understand what he’s writing about (he’s a computer guy), but I check it out anyway. Lo and behold, the week I’m supposed to start using Facebook and Twitter I come across this heading: Time for some anti-social networking. At least one of the commentators says he only uses Facebook and Twitter. Here’s his link: http://www.sellsbrothers.com/news/showTopic.aspx?ixTopic=2162

And here’s another side note. In a SETI reading for my journalism class, the article has the line, “We know that every human social network behaves as a gas…? Anybody care to hazard a guess as to what the author meant?


“We know that every human social network behaves as a gas…? seems that there is going to be a "burp" somewhere. I feel this technology will have to give way to not being as completely machine to machine as people would like to think (or hope). Face-to-face interactions are what makes the world an habitable place. I cannot imagine sitting in my room, day after day, hour after hour talking to people I have never met face to face. It is too impersonal even with twitter, facebook, and the like. I think we all have the need for personal contact.