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First time for everything

Hello everyone! My name is Tracy and it has been a while since I've been a student. I am by no means a techno geek. I do use the internet on a daily basis, but mostly to check news and email. I am a little familiar with My Space with the guidance of my sister. I have taken longer than planned to obtain my degree, but I figure it's better now than never. I am in the Inter-College program with emphasis in Marketing and Writing Studies. I live in Buffalo with my husband. I have worked the past 5 years in the mortgage industry which is a far cry from what I had planned.

Most recently the mortgage industry has changed quite drastically and has left many of us with fears of losing our jobs. I have been very used to "busy" type of work. There wasn't the option to be "bursty." I would be considered the typical knowledge worker. My only means of networking are within the organization and my priorities are set by my manager. This type of work makes creativity and opportunity very limited. After reading the first chapter of "Connect" I now have a new understanding of the importance of bursty type of work. It is extremely important to incorporate both types of work with balance.

I realize that it is coming time to change my career and I am very excited to use my degree to accomplish this. I am not familiar with how all of this new technology works. I have to admit that it took me a while to learn how to add to this blog. I admit that I am a bit nervous not knowing too much about how all of this works, but I know that practice makes perfect.

I am familiar wtih the internet and for the most part stay "connected" by email with friends, family and co-workers. It truly excites me to know that we have the abilities to become connected and share information with people that are complete strangers. I didn't realize until reading that story about the goldmining company that sharing confidential information could open up so many opportunities and save a drowning company. The invention of Wiki's have helped people from all locations and educational levels can come together to develop something truly amazing.

I am really excited to be taking this class and to learn how to become connected into today's world. Wiki's have made such an impact on bringing new ideas and strategies to the table. I hope that this class will enable me to be more bursty and assist me in reaching my new career goals.

Let's get started!!


Hello Tracy, thank you for your comment on my blog. We are on the same page regarding what I mentioned about life on earth vs. life on the web. Your response is right on the mark: "I think so many people now days try to live another life on the web and think that people won't find out. You don't benefit from doing that and the real you will always come out." It's hard to me to comprehend the benefits of living a different life on the web. I know it happens, and I'm not ignorant about it. However, when I think about Second Life and the other applications that allow you to live a virtual life, I think it's--for lack of a better word--weird. Anyways, moving on to another topic. I love the phrase: "First time for everything!" I have a feeling that we have the same level of web experience. Like you, I am by no means a techno geek; and like you, I do use the internet on a daily basis, but mostly to check news and email. You are a little familiar with My Space with the guidance of your sister; for me--I am a little familiar with it due to my friends being on it. I hardly ever log onto it; nevertheless, I would not have a page if it were not for my friends asking me to create one. When you mentioned how you connect with your family/friends via the internet, I think that is one of the many benefits of the web. I have reunited with long-lost friends because of the web; it is amazing! Furthermore, the web has a large part in me staying connected to people that I would not normally stay connected with if it were not for the web. The connectivity is definitely a huge benefit of the world wide web.

Oh, don't be too nervous about not understanding everything already. We'll be taking the apps one at a time (with the exception of next week, when we'll do two simple ones). And if you have any questions, just post them here or send me an email. We'll all pull together to make sure things move along.