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The Red Queen Theory

Hello everyone, my name is Quinn, and I am a third-year Scientific and Technical Communications major here at UMN-Twin Cities. I am an avid car guy, with a love for everything from all-wheel drive rally cars to sixties muscle. During the summers I can often be found at a Wednesday night car club, or running the quarter mile on the weekends.

However, as a college student, the only muscle cars I have are on the pages of magazines. I find most of my time these days is occupied by talking with people. I have always had a natural ability to communicate with someone, especially when there is a task to be completed.

This course sums up a lot of my own focus for the future. I am very focused on the positives and negatives of Internet communication. How do you communicate feelings and emotions through text? My drive in life is to help people through technology. I feel that between my own communicative abilities, and my studies in Scientific and Technical Communications, I will have the right tools to improve certain aspects of business and social communication.

I will be the first one to admit that I am an absolute fan of technology. Example: “It may cost two thousand dollars more, but that stereo sounds great!? Of course, this is usually followed by the wants vs. needs equation kicking on in my head, and I walk out of the store.

The advancement in technology is best shown in a performance car equation. If you want to go twelve seconds in the quarter mile, it’s going to cost X. If you want to go ten seconds in a quarter mile, its going to cost X * twenty.

These days, we are expected to complete more tasks, because now we have access to faster computers, faster Internet, and better and faster communication tools. However, I think that this rapid pace with which we are expected to produce work is going to hit a wall.

Summed up nicely, the Red Queen theory, says that we are running to stay in the same place. I think that this is one of the best ways to describe the current workload demands due to technology.

I’ve been using the Internet for the longest time. I remember the upgrade from 28K to 56K. I’ve moved from playing games on the Internet to conducting business through a website development firm in India. But even this early on in my career, I am under the belief that the pace is out of control, and if we don’t get a handle on it soon, I think that we are in for some trouble.

I think that the tools and knowledge that can be gained from this course will be vital to producing the correct communication tools and structures for the future of society and business.


Those are solid reasons for joining the course, Quinn. And your comments about technology are perceptive. (You might take a look at Sara's post for another perspective on negatives of technology.)

In the future, toss in a few citations with your thoughts -- then you should be good to go. :)

I, too, worry about pace - but I feel like the internet might be reaching a plateau, though it's difficult to tell while living in real-time with it. There's been a great burst of advancement and activity in the past 5-8 years, but - from a layman's standpoint - everything's slowed a bit. Most companies have their businesses online; nearly everyone is connected by a social network. It seems like the next advancement is going to be some sci-fi futurist deal, with us controlling the internet by our brain waves or some such.