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This class is very timely for me...

First a little background…I’m Michelle and I’m a Master’s student in the STC program. I’ve been working on this since 2004, so I hope to finish this year. It’s taken so long (seems like forever) because I’ve been working full-time and only taking one class at a time. I double majored at St. Kate’s in English (writing) and studio art (2-D/photography). Right now I work as a technical editor for one of those companies that is described in Wikinomics that uses “traditional business thinking? and is full of busy work. I’ve also worked as a technical writer.

Why is this class timely? Because I’m going to find out in the next couple weeks whether or not I’m going to be losing my current job. The company made a political promise to create jobs in Louisville KY, so they are moving my entire department. No relocation, but if you want one of the new jobs, you can apply for it, try to sell your house here, and then move. No thanks. I actually feel sorry for the people that get hired down there because they are going to have to learn a lot, but the people that would normally teach them what they need to know won’t be around to help them learn the processes…and it is a very process-driven organization.

Since I first heard the news (and I realized I don’t have to worry about insurance because I just got married this year and I’m on my husband’s benefits), a whole new world of possibilities has opened up for me. I have been thinking about contracting and not going back into a “normal? work life. I think I’m ready for “busty? work. So this is why this class and these readings could not have come at a better time in my life.

I am not a techie person, but I like to learn new things. The term “Web 2.0? was unknown to me before reading the class flyer. But after reading the assignments, I get that it is all about collaboration and openness. I also get that it is being used and abused as a “meaningless marketing buzzwork,? though it can’t be that common yet, or else I think I would have heard of it. But then again, I wasn’t aware of most of the information that Kelly put in his mini history lesson.

Some of the things I’m looking forward to learning more about is how I can present an identity for myself on the web, but also maintain privacy. I prefer to be a “behind the scenes? kind of person, so I’m not sure how it can work both ways, but I was glad to see that Zelenka says it is ok to “lurk? (14) when you first start out. I’m going to have to get over my personal bias regarding people who spend a lot of time on the internet…this is a result of one of my brothers and how he used it to avoid his responsibilities.

I’m also interested in trying out some of the web-based software that Zelenka mentions on pages 29-30, especially for photo-editing, illustrating, and the calendar function. I never knew they existed.

Can’t wait to see what everyone else has written!


Hi Michelle, in regards to your job--the same thing happened to me at my last job. What a coincidence! My former company was going through a restructuring, and my department was moving out of MN and into NM and OH. I feel for you, and I hope whatever happens will be for the best. There was a colleague who was going to relocate but ended up not to. One of the reasons had to do with selling his house. So I totally understand it when you said, "No relocation, but if you want one of the new jobs, you can apply for it, try to sell your house here, and then move. No thanks." I obviously decided not to go anywhere, so I am here. I'm happy. Good luck with everything! I'm sure with your skills as a technical editor/writer, there won't be a problem. Having experience in technology is definitely a plus!

Sorry to hear about your job situation! Perhaps this course might be uniquely useful for you right now... a teacher can hope, anyway.