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This is awesome!

My goodness! There is so much diversity in this class. I hope this blog can help those of us who are not as efficient in the applications required for this course---and for our careers. And, of course, if there is anything us non-techno geeks can do for anyone, just ask, there are plenty of us to say 'help is on the way'! Thank you all!


Thanks for posting this, Amber. This sort of thing is exactly what I've hoped would happen in our little community.

I'll second the thanks on this post. I have the same impression and look forward to an insightful dialogue driven by the diversity of experience and goals of each member of the group.

I'll third on the post! Diversity definitely makes the world go 'round. When I was an undergraduate freshman at the U (years and years ago), that's when I really began understanding the value of diversity. The U did a fabulous job in helping me understand that if we were all the same, the world would be a very boring place. One of my former managers at a former job said that the strongest team is one of diversity because different strengths are taken from different people which help synergize the team. My current manager said that we all have different work styles and we must learn to work together. Great words of wisdom!